Common Air Exchanger Questions

Q Does an Air to Air Exchanger heat or cool the air?

A Not really. The air exchanger uses air exhausted from your house to pretreat outside air being brought into your house. Besides the "exchange" of temperature that takes place within the exchanger, it does not heat or cool the air.

Q Will the Air to Air exchanger lower my fuel bill?

A NO. The air to air exchanger will increase your fuel bill. Not only does it require electricity to run the air exchanger, but the air exchanger brings outside air into your house; and this air must be brought up to temperature. It only lowers your fuel bill as compared to bringing outside air directly into your house instead of thru an exchanger.

Q Can I connect the Air Exchanger to an existing central ducting system?

A Yes, but there are a few negatives to this application. The speed of the air flowing thru the exchanger is critical to efficient performance, and is effected by the blower from your existing system. Also, your existing system runs the most when the outside temperatures are at their worst; this will result in your air exchange operating during the worst outside conditions.

Q If the Air Exchanger doesn't heat or cool the air, what does the efficiency rating mean?

A The efficiency rating refers to the effectiveness of the temperature transfer between the incoming air and the outgoing air. If the outside temperature is 20 degrees with the indoor temperature 70 degrees, this results in a 50 degree differential. If the Air Exchanger is 80 percent efficient, it will raise the temperature of the incoming air (.8 X 50) 40 degrees Therefore, fresh air at 60 degrees is entering your house instead of fresh air at 20 degrees.


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